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No matter what stage your project or idea is at, we are able to help. Lani Pixels has been evolving constantly and today we have an experienced team with high-end CGI production facilities, offering services such as:

•  3D Modeling
•  Animatics
•  Animation
•  Apps
•  Conceptual Work
•  Drawings
•  Motion Capture
•  Motion Graphics

•  Motion Picture
•  Post Production
•  Stereoscopic
•  Storyboards
•  Video Games
•  Visual Development
•  Visual Effects
•  Stage Graphics

Our company philosophy is:

•  A deal is a deal
•  Always strive for the best
•  Always keeping the deadline and budget in mind.
•  And having fun at the same time.

Lani Pixels - LEGO - Magic Forest

Our Story

Lani Pixels Gold Award Cannes

Lani Pixels A/S was founded in 2000 by Kim Pagel and has from the beginning focused on building a unique company specialized in producing computer generated animated films. Lani Pixels is determined to be among the elite and consists of a strong, dynamic team with great technical insight that are striving to evolve. The team uses advanced technology and cutting-edge software.

4D movie produced in Denmark

Lani Pixels is at the forefront when it comes to 3D stereoscopic technology, and the company behind the first "4D" movie produced in Denmark: Spellbreaker, which premiered spring 2006 in every LEGOLAND® park around the world. Lani Pixels created everything for the movie, from screenplay all the way to the final rendered movie. Spellbreaker is still playing and has been seen by more than 3.5 million people. That lead to Lani Pixels giving a lecture about the 3D technology used in Spellbreaker at the Danish Film Fest in Los Angeles in 2006.

Our Executives



Kim Pagel Known for his endless ideas, great overview, hard working, positive attitude, and always striving for high quality and perfection - background as Lead Design Manager for 18 years at LEGO before starting Lani Pixels.



Thomas Pagel More than 20 years of experience with 3D productions, known for his good sense of quality, pipeline optimization, technical knowledge and is always updated on the newest technologies.

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