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Lani Pixels consists of a dynamic creative team with a deep knowledge of computer generated images, but something new is coming out of Lani Pixels animation studios and we need to expand. We are therefore looking for more team members, that are highly skilled in their area, to make our cool projects even more cooler - this is where you come in...


Are you looking for an inspiring job in a team where you'll be able to influence your workday, then Lani Pixels is a good fit and could be your future workplace!
We believe that responsibility leads to personal and professional improvement, and a more enjoyable atmosphere in the workplace.

Lani Pixels is looking to fill these positions:

We are currently looking for:


We are always looking for people with great talent. If you believe that you are exceptional at what you do, feel free to send us an email at: and attach your portfolio, curriculum vitae and a description of you and why we should hire you.

Lani Pixels Storyboard Artist
Lani Pixels Sculptor
Lani Pixels 3D Rigging
Lani Pixels Animator
Lani Pixels Concept Artist
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