The LEGO® Story

We produced The LEGO® Story for The Lego Group, to celebrate its 80th Birthday.
In this animation short movie, we take a look back at the origin story of LEGO®.
Find out more here,

Happy Holidays from us

This was another greetings animation we did.
We hope you had a great Christmas, at least you could enjoy our short clip.
If you hadn't had the chance yet, you can click on the video and watch it now.

Happy Thanksgiving from us

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we made a short animation.
We wanted to thank our partners, families, and everyone around us.
Enjoy the clip.

Halloween Greetings from us

October, 2016, was when we published this short animation clip.
It was a short Halloween Greeting from Lani Pixels. We hope you enjoyed it.


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